Fruit and vegetable preserves

Fruit and vegetable preserves – foodstuffs resulting from the processing of fresh fruit and vegetables (mechanical, thermal, chemical, biological), aimed at preserving or changing their property (e.g.. taste, the smell, appearance), nutritional value, and also to preserve them. In the household, fruit and vegetable preserves are included: semi-finished products (e.g.. purees, must), products (e.g.. …

Rowan in honey or sugar

Rowan in honey or sugar. Bake the selected fruit lightly in the oven. Brown the honey a little in the saucepan, add rowan fruit (after bitterness) and stirring, "fry" over low heat for 2…3 hours. Perfect for dressing up desserts or stuffing hollow apples, baked or cooked whole.

By making mountain ash in sugar, e.g.. "For raisins", you should take on 1 …

Jelly of barberry or lingonberries

Jelly of barberry or lingonberries.

1 Pour water over kg of cleaned and washed barberry fruits, so that the fruit is lightly covered and boil 30 min. Strain, Measure obtained juice; on 1 And take the juice 1 kg of sugar. Cook briefly, trying to see if it thickens, which works in one of two ways: kilka kropel wrzącego płynu wpuszcza się

Salad jelly with wild strawberries, raspberries or blackberries

jellySalad jelly with wild strawberries, raspberries or blackberries.
Pick the fruit, wash, drain and clean from the stalks. Pour into the stone wall, unpolished pot (possibly an enameled or stone pot with an undamaged coating), add sugar (on 1 kg of fruit – 1,25 kg of sugar) and rub with a wooden pestle, Sprinkle wild strawberries with lemon or red currant juice. Grind until a uniform is formed, smooth mass, zbierając

Rowan jam

Mountain ashRowan jam. Rowan fruits, bitter and tart variety, one of the following three ways must be bored:

1) collect frozen or frozen in the freezer; Frozen, soak for a few minutes in boiling water or lightly bake in the oven,

2) soak through 24 hours in water slightly acidified with vinegar, and then in salted water,

3) soak in salted water, flood 2 or 3 razy