Maintenance of drums "wet"

Maintenance of drums "wet".

It is basically the same method, as described above, but has one decisive advantage; it requires a lot of water, but the barrel remains moist, and the next wine will not seep into the wood.

On 100 liters (1 hectolitre) the capacity of the barrel dissolves 100 g of potassium metabisulfite in one liter of water and add …

Dry maintenance of barrels

Dry maintenance of barrels.

After use, the barrels should be washed very carefully while hot, then with cold water. The barrel can be considered clean only then, when the water, which runs off after rinsing, it is tasteless and odorless. If good wine was stored in the barrel, further handling is not difficult and it does not require special care. It just needs to be preserved. Zgodnie z

Maintenance of wooden barrels

Maintenance of wooden barrels.

Every year I put wine in my barrels, in which it is most often aged from October to March at the latest. So they lie empty in the basement for six months. So it's a period, in which the ubiquitous harmful fungi and bacteria can act. How long does the wine ferment, nothing can harm the barrels for so long. Są bowiem wypełnione płynem zawierającym pewną