Sulfurization of the pulp, must and wine

Sulfurization of the pulp, must and wine.

In the description of cleaning and maintenance of wooden dishes, it has already been mentioned, that sulfur is an effective germicide with a centuries-old tradition. Sulfur is used not only for the preservation of "wet" and "dry" barrels, but it is also added directly to the must, pulp and wine in the form of potassium metabisulfite tablets or -w …

Pre-fermentation of the fruit pulp

Pre-fermentation of the fruit pulp.

Some types of grapes and fruits are not pre-fermented as juice, but as a pulp, that is, in the form of crushed, but not the imprinted fruit.

This is what is done with the first dark grapes, because only by fermenting the pulp can their color be preserved in the later wine (only their skins contain the dye). Most berries also belong to this group. Otrzymane