Honey wine

Honey Wine on 10 l.
2 do 4 kg. honey, and it depends on the strength of the wine, what we want to receive, dissolve in 8 or 6 liters of boiling water (Boil inferior types of honey), add 15-50 gr. citric acid and 3-5 gr. nutrient solution "Secalum". After it has cooled down, pour in the multiplied "Honey" yeast” or Tokaj. The yeast should be multiplied in a ½ liter flask with the addition 2 spoons of honey, citric acid (at the tip of the knife) and pinches of medium.

Ferment warm, in ridgeback on 12 liters. The best wines are obtained, if fruit must or rhubarb stalk is used instead of water (feeding).