Marinade of wild pears or hawthorn

Marinade of wild pears or hawthorn. Good, Peel unripe leaflets (leaving the tails), Scald with boiling water and citric acid, strain on a sieve. Prepare the pickle (1 And water, 2 cups of sugar, 1 a glass of 6 percent vinegar, a few cloves, a piece of cinnamon) and boil pears in it; put into jars and pasteurize for approx. 20 min from boiling. If you make a marinade from other pears (not wild), you have to choose species that do not overcook; the best are bergamuts or nutmegs, they can be cut in half and seed pockets can be removed.

Choose hawthorn hard, not very mature. Washed, cut lengthwise on one side, clean of seeds and fibers. Proceed as with pears. You can prepare a mixed marinade.