Rowan in honey or sugar

Rowan in honey or sugar. Bake the selected fruit lightly in the oven. Brown the honey a little in the saucepan, add rowan fruit (after bitterness) and stirring, "fry" over low heat for 2…3 hours. Perfect for dressing up desserts or stuffing hollow apples, baked or cooked whole.

By making mountain ash in sugar, e.g.. "For raisins", you should take on 1 kg of fruit approx. 1,5 kg of sugar and 2 glasses of water. Put the rowan fruit into the boiling syrup and fry it intermittently (i.e.. putting off the fire several times) by 2 days after 10…15 min. Put the hot jam into the jars, close in the cold. Use, just like a raisin, for cakes, serve with desserts, possibly covered with cocoa mass, etc..