Angelica jam

masterpieceAngelica jam. Angelica stalks are cut in late May or early June. After discarding the leaves and washing, thick stalks cut lengthwise, leave the small ones entirely, throw into boiling water
and cook for approx. 10 min, adding at the end of cooking 0,5 teaspoons of baking soda. Cast, put in cold water, strain. Prepare the syrup: on 25 angelica dag – 25 dag cukru i 0,25 glasses of water, i.e.. so much sugar, how much angelica there is. Cut angelica into diagonal strips, approx. 1 cm and toss into hot syrup. Cook 5 min, set aside, let it cool down and so proceed for two consecutive days, and on the fourth day, "fry" the jam once more and put it in small jars. Angelica fried in sugar is used to decorate cakes, mazurkas, taking creams, added to fruit cakes etc..