Jelly of barberry or lingonberries

Jelly of barberry or lingonberries.

1 Pour water over kg of cleaned and washed barberry fruits, so that the fruit is lightly covered and boil 30 min. Strain, Measure obtained juice; on 1 And take the juice 1 kg of sugar. Cook briefly, trying to see if it thickens, which works in one of two ways: a few drops of boiling liquid are dripped into a glass of cold water – if it sinks to the bottom, the jelly is ready, or a few drops are poured onto a saucer and cooled down – if they don't melt, is ready. Lingonberry jelly is usually made then, when other blueberry preparations are made, e.g.. blueberries for meat. Part of the juice is then poured out, passes it through a sieve and continues like this, as with all jellies.