Hazelnut wafers

andrutHazelnut nougat. Make caramel out of 40 day of sugar (lightly brown the sugar in the pan), add 20 dag miodu, Cook 3 min. Whip the foam with 3 or 4 proteins, after whipping, move to a large one, tall pot (the mass grows, kipi) and pour a little hot sugar with honey into it. Put the pot on low heat. Stir constantly, so that the mass does not stick to the bottom and sides. Cook for so long, until a piece of mass immersed in cold water can be removed and easily formed into a ball. Then add the dried nuts (ok. 40 day), they can be mixed with walnuts, optionally add almond or vanilla flavor, mix and put the mass on the wafers (or wafers) on thickness 1…1,5 cm, cover with a second waffle, crush it slightly and put it in a dry place. When it cools down, cut into pieces of any shape. Can be stored for a very long time, e.g.. in a glass jar, enameled box or aluminum foil.