Lingonberry jams, cranberries or dogwood

dzemLingonberry jams, cranberries or dogwood. Blueberries, cranberries or dogwood (pitted) change, wash, scald the boiling water (cranberries up to three times). Take on 2 kg of blueberries 3 glasses of sugar and 1 a glass of water, a-N-A 40 a dag of cranberries or dogwood – 3 glasses of sugar and 1,5 glasses of water; make syrup and cook for approx. 15 min. Cranberries and dogwood must be "fried" in a thick syrup; part of the juice can be poured onto the jelly. Before the end of "frying", you can add apples and pears of species that do not overcook. Cranberries and dogwood are kept in jars, blueberries traditionally – in stoneware, which are placed with hot preserves in a preheated oven, that the crust on them burns. After cooling, the vessel is covered with cellophane or parchment paper and tied.