Phosphorus and Iodine

fishFosfor P
macroelement, whose 90% it is stored in the bones in the form of calcium phosphate, the rest in other cells. The daily requirement does not exceed 1 g for people who work physically. However, for the mentally working, practicing various areas of creativity – larger amounts of phosphorus are required, necessary for the regeneration of brain cells. The richest sources of phosphorus are: powdered milk, hard cheeses, egg yolk, Oatmeal, onion, for, parsley, brukselka, kale, horseradish.

Iodine I
a trace element necessary for the proper functioning of an important endocrine gland, what is the thyroid gland. The deficiency of this bioelement in the body causes disturbances in the thyroid gland, and therefore deterioration of metabolism, and even inhibition of mental development. The source of iodine is drinking water, fish (especially cod), only bath (not cleaned), animal fats, milk, cheeses, cherries, cherries, lemons.