Malt extract – Wine

Malt extract, especially for wine making. prepared (which is e.g.. "Maltowin”), gives excellent wines. Malt wines excel in nutritional wines and are highly valued abroad.

All types of wines can be prepared on the malt extract 10 liters.

Tokaj: 1 of 1½ kg. ex. malt., 2½ kg. sugar.

Sweet tokay: ex. malt. 3 kg., sugar 3 kg.

In both cases, add 10 gr. citric acid or the juice of two kilograms of apples, secalum media, Tokaj yeast, pożądane ½ do 1 gr. his land, make up to 10 liters of water.

Bordeaux lub Burgund:

½ kg. ex. malt., 2 kg. sugar, 2 gr. his land. 2 liters of blueberry juice, cherries or springs, 5 do 8 gr. citric acid, medium "secalum."”, appropriate yeast, make up to 10 liters of water.