Plum wine, pears, apples

Recipes for 10 liters.

Plums, (do not crush the seeds) on 6 liter. juice 4 liters of water, ferment best at temp. 15—17°C. download after 3 weeks with more than sediment. Tokaj yeast, Sherry, port wine; sugar 200 do 300 dkg.

Pears, squeeze the juice 14 kg, for light wines, do not crush the seeds, add 30-60 gr. citric acid (the sweeter the wine, the more). The acid of lemons, can be replaced with the addition of currants (25%) or apples (50%). The wine matures quickly, heavy hard to succeed, it is also fermented on Mozel and Rhenish yeast. Sugar per liter 10 do 18 dkg.

Apples. 8 kg. slice sour, squeeze out, add 4 liters of water, desired ½ kg. tarniny, or 10 kg. sweet apples, squeeze out, add sloe. You can 6 kg. Slice apples and pour boiling water (6 liter.) squeeze out after 24 hours. At Tokaj yeast, sugar 240 do 300 dkg, next to the Rhine 140 — 200, mozelskich 140-160 dkg. When adding a few percent of rowan, use Sauternos or Lacrina Christi yeast, sugar 200 do 260 dkg.

Pigwa, peel, like apples.