Which glass to choose, a glass, a lamp for alcohols?

what a glassWhich glass to choose, a glass, a lamp for alcohols?

Koniak: in baubles, champagne: in "tubes" or in completely flat glasses, red wine in stubby short stalks, White: on the upper leg, cocktails: on a stem or in glasses, vermouth like red wine, liqueur in tiny glasses.

Different glasses are distorted for different kinds of drinks. If we are going to serve many species - it is difficult to put all the glasses on the table at once. In general, glasses are placed in front of the covering, marked with numbers in our drawing 4, 5, 6 i 7 and in that order. When changing the type of drink, the type of glass should be changed. For the so-called meal, which is usually served half an hour before dinner (it can be dry vermouth with a lemon slice and an ice cube) not too large glasses on a slender stem are used. Filled – roznosi się na tacy.

All kinds of drinks with or without alcohol. cocktaile, whiskey is served in glasses (2,3) which also flaunts set on a tray. You can use a straw or a tube for iced drinks.

Narrow, small glasses for liqueurs (8) and wide on a slender leg (9) for champagne - if you are serving sweets and coffee at the same table - you can set it up immediately before the setting, or serve them after you have completely cleared the covers and platters of the previous dishes.

1 - a glass for the so-called drink,
2-3 - glasses for aperitif and various types of drinks (soki: tomato, fruit, mineral waters),
4 - white wine glass,
5 - red wine glass,
6 - a glass for cognac,
7 – Vodka glass.
8 – liqueur glass.
9 - champagne glass.

Ten, what to hide, I provide an over-idealized image on request. Perhaps, that with painstaking searches it will be possible to gather all of them, glasses needed for various types of beverages.