What wine and when

The examples below refer to 10 liters of must. Missing amounts to 10 liters, replenished with clean water. By appropriate conversion we can prepare the must for 25 and more liters.

The choice of raw material depends on the season. You can make wine for life all year round, wheat, corn, malts, malt extract, honey and any dried fruit. In individual months of the year, we make wine from fruit, which the season brings us, namely:
in the months of October, November and December, January, February and March: apples, pears, mountain ash,, tarnina, hawthorn, wild Rose, pumpkins, beetroot, grapes, oranges;

in the months of April, May and June: rhubarb, agrest, currants, blueberries, birch sap;

in the months of July, August and October: as above, besides cherries, cowberry, cherries, plums, springs, morrow, tomatoes, Berbers, maliny i t. p.