What to prepare before making wine ?

Wanting to start making wine at home, you have to decide first, how much should we make and what fruit we should make. Suppose, that we decided to do 10 liters of red currant wine. We must therefore stock up on a gander on 10 liters (prices of braided gander, called d-muons, see back cover). Then we buy 4 kg. currants. If the choice fell on a different fruit, it is in the specific provisions of this booklet that the amount of each fruit is given, which should be used for the product 10 liters of wine. Before the appropriate conversion, we prepare the fruit for ourselves 5 either on 25, or for more liters of wine. We buy currants at the same time 2 kg of semolina sugar (crystalline). In the drugstore we buy a packet of dry breeds, that is, noble wine yeast, the right species (price for the package 2 PLN), in our case, yeast of the Bordeaux or Burgundy species. Apart from the name of the yeast species, each package should bear the inscription "Vinum" and the presence of this inscription should be especially noted, because only the yeast is provided with this inscription, the label gives a full guarantee of their value.

A packet of yeast is enough for 25 liters of must, i.e.. fluid, from which mana wine to make. Always use a full packet of yeast, are we making 5 whether 25 liters of wine, a nawet, when we knead above 15 liters of wine, it is desirable to use two packs. Savings on yeast, i.e.. using e.g.. half a package for the product 10 liters of wine, economy is not well understood, as other yeasts are most often contaminated during storage, scattering, Meanwhile 10 liters of wine, fermented on a whole packet of yeast, it will give faster and more vigorous fermentation, which will always be of great benefit to the taste of wine, Yeast stored in a sealed package in a dry place remains viable for over a year. When buying yeast, we buy the nutrient solution at the same time. We have two types of media. „Sekalum” (50 gr.) i „fosfosal” (45 gr.) In our case, we use the second medium. The content of the nutrient bag is calculated at 25 liters of must. Unlike yeast, which are always used for the entire package, the medium is not used completely if less than 25 liters of wine. At the product 10 liters of wine take approx 1/3 Hello (divide by eye). Nutrient medium placed in a dry place, it is stored for indefinitely usable condition. You also need to buy a fermentation tube and cork, which are used to close the ridge tile. If we can't get the tubes, we buy it in a drugstore approx 20 gr. paraffin oil or pure olive oil. Finally, we buy a small piece of pure cotton wool and paraffin. Cotton wool will be used to temporarily clog the ridge tile, and paraffin to seal the stopper. Expenses finished (sometimes only gram amounts of tartaric or citric acid are used, available at a drugstore), just wash the ridge very carefully, fermentation tube and start making wine. I advise beginners to do it for the first time rye wine,, for his product is very simple, and the goodness of the drink received surpasses all expectations.