Under what conditions wine yeast can develop ?

Under what conditions wine yeast can develop ?

We know, already, that yeasts are single-celled plants, belonging to the mushroom family. Like any plant, they require water for their development, the right temperature, nitrogen nutrition, as well as some mineral salts. Sugar gives them energy to live, contained in fruits, which may have been replaced by beet sugar (saccharin is worthless to yeast). Fruit juice, or healthy spring water at a temperature 20 do 25° C., a containing an appropriate amount of nitrogen medium, and 15 do 18% sugar, are a good breeding ground for yeast. Temperature above 28 ° C. inhibits the growth of yeast, a at 70 ° C. the yeast dies off. - They work very slowly at 10ºC, lower temperature (around 4 ° C.) suspends their activities. More sugar (33%) it weakens their life force, a above 50% sugar stop working. Alcohol also inhibits their development, and to this extent, that their work completely ceases with the content 140 grams of alcohol per liter of wine. It's also fault, containing alcohol above this amount are artificially alcoholized, like for example. wino Madeira, port wine, Samos and many other southern wines.

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  1. Mushrooms are not plants, the rest is cool

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