Advantages of wine production

By increasing the production of wines in the country, we would raise the intake, and therefore the production of sugar, which would be of great importance for the prosperity of our agriculture. Simultaneously with increased wine production, a great flowering of our fruit growing would begin, which for waste fruit. constituting 60% harvest, does not find a good market. Propaganda for wine making, is a fight against alcoholism, because as experience teaches, wine is replacing vodka with this main fortress, which abstinenceists must attack first, wanting to enter your passwords. If they could replace vodka with wine, it would be a major victory for them, and then only one step to wine-scented fruit juices, which we can manufacture today without the use of essential oils by using certain mushrooms, which turn sugar into gas and the corresponding wine aromas.

Is wine a healthy drink?? Wine with a moderate amount of alcohol, therefore not artificially alcoholized, is a healthy product, especially when compared to vodka, which is extremely unhealthy due to the excess of alcohol. Wine usually contains some nutritional sugar, what is most important: vitamins (lived), such an important role for human health, and of which vodka is completely devoid of. Wines also contain some organic acids, which by certain chemical transformations, induced in our body, they remove from it harmful to the body's organism. French scholars: A. Nodon i G. Curier stated, that the wines are radioactive, and some so strongly, that they very vigorously affect the vital functions of the body. This property will undoubtedly soon become widely used in medicine for wines, which, for other reasons, old wines have long since found.