The advantages of making your wine

Of all the domestic fruits so fresh, as well as dried can be produced in the house of wine, not inferior to the goodness of wines made from grapes. Because what is strange about it, since our fruits are used to improve grape wines, as evidenced by the export of our blueberries and cherries abroad, and at the international exhibition of grape and fruit wines in Paris, the first prize went to the currant wine, which in its time caused consternation among grape wine producers.

It is possible to produce wine at home with little difficulty and at low cost, and the advantages of such a wine are enormous:

1) każdy wie, what materials he used, is sure, that he used healthy and fresh fruit, not rotten or mixed, e.g.. various vegetables, as it often happens in inferior labels;

2) wina domowe nie są siarkowane, do not contain plaster, glycerin, saccharin, so they cannot cause any gastric ailments:

3) nie zawierają sztucznych barwików, oils, or other admixtures harmful to health.

Product costs for home-made products 1 liter of wine will be approx -50 pennies to one zloty, it depends on the amount and species of fruit used, as well as the amount of alcohol, what wine we intend to give. Thus, at a very low cost and with a small amount of work, a product with a noble taste is obtained, and also of high nutritional value, for every wine, both grape and fruit, contains large amounts of vitamins, substances necessary for health.