Room temperature, in which wine is fermented

Room temperature, in which wine is fermented.

As I mentioned before and I will explain in a moment, settings -the juice of grapes or other fruits – requires optimal temperature.

The fruits of the early varieties are not a problem here; even until September it is quite warm in the basement, that fermentation can start and end in a short time. Later fruits and grapes no longer have such favorable conditions for fermentation – it's already much cooler, and sometimes even cold. Often we are left with nothing else, like a certain interference.

In the case of smaller amounts of setting, it is not difficult; fermentation vessels, the most common glass balloons, as well as small barrels, can be placed indoors, which has a constant temperature: preferably 15-20 ° C. Ten, who does not have such a room or sets such amounts of juice, which do not fit in the apartment, he must settle for a cold cellar. You will need to warm it up a little or use special yeast for fermentation at low temperatures.

• Room temperature, in which fermentation takes place, it should not be more than 25 ° C (higher temperatures are detrimental to the yeast) nor less than 6-8 ° C (then fermentation will not occur at all).