Sekrety win

Only French red and white wines must be stored lying down, German and sparkling wines (champagnes).

Standing: Hungarian dry wines (,.szamorodne ") tokajskie, sweet and dessert, and Yugoslav sweet.

Other faults may lie or stand - it makes no difference.

Bottle with sediment. All wines are made in both the barrel, and on the bottle - sediment. He is called "mother" or French for "depot."”. Connoisseurs are looking for wine with sediment, because it's a sign, that the wine continues to develop and increase in quality. Bordeaux wines are most prone to deposit formation, mostly white, and then Hungarian wines.

The serving temperature for red wines is more or less 15 st. C. Cold red wine tastes "sticky" and loses its flavor. White and sparkling wines (champagnes) it is served cold, and even slightly frozen.