Purchase of used barrels

Purchase of used barrels.

By purchasing one or more barrels, you have to pay attention to it, whether previously only good wine was stored in them. Beer barrels are not very suitable, after vinegar or such, in which the wine with an acetic odor or flavor has aged. The barrels after distilling the vodka from the wine are best for storing wine (not contaminated with denatured alcohol!), from a distillery. Before use, all these barrels must be thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed several times with hot and cold water. In particularly difficult cases, they can be cleaned with the addition of special cleaning agents for barrels (soda), until the water from the last rinse is completely tasteless and odorless. Barrels, where or where white or even green mold has already appeared, absolutely unusable. The effort that should be put in, to heal them, would be too great. Only a cooper could do that. He would have to break such a barrel, Plan the wood to a sound surface, then put the staves back together.