Preparation of the wine must

The fruit should be washed away (if the shell is too aromatic, then peel it), slice or crush (e.g.. on a meat grinder), pour boiling water, cover well and, after cooling completely, add the yeast prepared as above. Next should be added 1/3 part of the sugar (syrup) from the amount intended for a given wine, as well as a special yeast medium. After mixing. cover the vessel carefully and keep it through 24 hours in a warm place, then the fruit pulp is separated from the actual must, which, filtered, pour into the ridge tile 5,10 whether 25 liters.
A clean, dense linen or flannel bag is used for filtering.
A very easy way to separate fruit juice from fruit, whether it is crushed or fermented with juice, is to use the simplest filter that anyone can make at home.: we turn the stool upside down and tie a piece of fabric to the legs, creating a kind of screen, through which the juice will flow into the pan. After straining is finished, the matter and the fruit remaining on it are detached, squeezes out lightly.
You can also improvise a funnel from a bottle. The bottom is cut off like this, that the flask is twisted with a thread drunk in the spirit, which lights up, and then the bottle is immediately immersed in cold water. The bottom comes off and we have a funnel, to whose neck the bag is attached. Need caution, so that the bag is completely full of must during sipping.
Iron utensils cannot be used to make wines, copper or zinc, provided they are not enameled or tinned.
The basis for a successful wine is adherence to pedantic cleanliness.