Preparation of new barrels for wine setting

Preparation of new barrels for wine setting.

New, barrels not yet used must be prepared for the reception of new wine. Means, that tannic acids, especially gallic acid, contained in the wood tissue, must be rinsed. So you have to soak the barrel for three days, then stain for half an hour with a 2% soda solution (200 g na 100 l), then steamed it; clean hot water is poured into the barrel, the plug is killed strongly and the barrel is rocked as vigorously as possible. This creates a negative pressure, water penetrates better into the pores of wood tissue, making the cleaning process more accurate.

Then the barrel is soaked several more times, It is steamed a second or third time and then soaked in cold water.

In new, even specially prepared barrels, wine should not be aged first. The flavor of the wood is still preserved in these barrels, which could be harmful to the wine. In the first years, they should only be used for fermentation.


• For a smaller amount of wine, glass rugs with a capacity are used 4-5 liters, for more – plastic tanks or wooden barrels.

• In time, when the barrels are empty, must be kept dry” by combustion of sulfur or "wet" with potassium metabisulphite in tablets (more durable in the form of a powder).

• Having bought used barrels, they must be carefully cleaned, and new barrels should be properly prepared for wine storage.

• Barrels preserved "dry" or "wet" should be thoroughly washed before reuse in autumn.