How to make champagne?

How to make champagne? Three methods.
1) The most practical way for home use. For a strong bottle (champagne glasses) nalewamy 10 cm³ of cognac and 50-100 cm³ of syrup (sugar to water ratio like 2:1) fill the bottle with any wine, leaving a free space in the neck to a height of approx 10 cm., then the mixture of 8,4 gr. citric acid and 6,4 gr. anhydrous soda (or 10 gr. sodium bicarbonate), immediately cork and tie the cork with strong wire. The cork must be healthy and strong 1½ times the diameter of the neck, before use, softened with steam or boiling water. Citric acid should be added in thicker pieces, to dissolve more slowly. After corking, the bottles are placed lying down, possibly in a place with a low temperature and after a few days the champagne is ready for use. Wanting to have a strong sparkling champagne, you can, with some champagne glasses for durability. take 12,6 gr. citric acid and 9,6 gr. anhydrous soda (relatively 15 gr. sodium bicarbonate).

2) Artificial sprinkling of carbonic anhydride into the finished wine.

3) Sugar and sparkling yeast are added to the finished wines” Friends. We add semolina sugar (without previous cooking, to avoid undue dilution) po 15 gr. per liter, which amounts will be produced in the flasks na 1 liter pressure approx 4 atmosphere. Champagne flasks withstand 4-6 atmospheres of constant pressure.
We keep it in the warmth of a room for a few days, and then for a few days in the cellar and the champagne is ready.