Gooseberry wine, blackberries, rowan, blueberries

Recipe for 10 liters.
Agrest. The wines are excellent, they only slowly clear up and mature. The best minor grades. Agrest zawiera 1—1 ½ kwasu i 6—9% cukru.
5 ½ kg. Mash the ripe berries, add 4 gr. phosphorus and pour over 6 liters of water. After cooling, add the yeast and after 24 hours to squeeze. At Tokaj yeast 300 — 350 dkg. sugar, at Steinberg, Rudesheim 200 do 250 dkg. sugar.

Czernice (blackberries) they give excellent wines, especially when fully matured. Follow, like with blueberries, just add 5 grams of citric acid and 5 gr. phosphosal. Use yeast for red wines.

Morwa, as with blackberries.

Mountain ash. 4 kg. mash sweet fruit, add 15 gr. citric acid, 4 grams of phosphorus. pour 6 liters of water, etc.. We recommend Zeltinger yeast, Rudesheimer, Johannisberger itd. sugar 200—250 dkg.

Blueberries (black berries). 4 kg. mash the blueberries, without crushing the seeds, add 5 —10 gr. citric acid. 5 gr. rYE. pour -6 liters of water, or even better boil it, strain, use Bordeaux yeast, Burgundy. We get the best red wines. Sugar 160 — 260 dkg. Ferment initially at temperature 20 — 30° C.