Fruit presses

fruit pressFruit presses. Drawing 1. presents us with the press used to make cheese, which can also be used to knead fruit with good results. Lynx. 2. presents us with the right fruit press. Using the first press, the fruit is placed in a strong cloth bag and kneaded, we do not have to use the second bag when using the press, if you crush apples or pears. When kneading other fruits, especially small ones, the use of a pouch is necessary. Usually a bag of thin but strong cloth is used and filled to ¾ of its volume.

The fruit should not be kneaded too hard immediately, because then the pulp particles are pressed into the pores of the pouch, they close them and hinder the outflow of juice. When the juice does not drain away despite strong pressure, please untie the bag, mix the pulp and squeeze it again. Because as we will see later, the must is usually diluted with water prior to fermentation, you can add some water now. When e.g.. in specific regulations it is said, that on 5 kg. use the fruit 5 liters of water, then we pour the pomace into e.g.. 2 l of water, we leave a few hours and crush it, then pour water again (3 l) and knead again. In this way the water leaks out almost completely, sugar and acids and the harvesting of fruit is then the most appropriate. It is not advisable to knead the fruit as much as possible, because it wastes a lot of energy and time, and you get nothing, because at the end a lot of mucus is kneaded, which then make it difficult to clarify the wine. In addition to the above-mentioned presses, a special fruit kneading machine is also used, the so-called, ‘Tuti-fruti’, which can be purchased in tin stores. This machine is suitable for kneading soft fruits without crushing them first.

When making wine, particular attention should be paid to keeping the utmost cleanliness. You should take all utensils, and therefore the press, grinders and t. d. carefully clean and scald the wine with hot water before and after use. Pouches, in which we knead the juice, especially new, boil it with a little baking soda. Wash the bags immediately after use, dry and store in a dry and dust-free place.

Hard water cannot be used to make wine, which defect can be removed in part by boiling; iron water is completely unsuitable. Fruit juice is diluted with water, for our fruits usually contain too much acid. If you do not want to dilute the fruit juice too much with water, you can reduce the amount of acid artificially.