Fruit and vegetable wines

Recipes for 10 liters.

Sugar beets only make good wines when mixed with fruit juice.

Tomatoes are suitable for making southern wines. 13 kg. Squeeze the tomatoes without adding water, add to the strained liquid 2 — 3 kg. sugar. 3 gr. "sécale”, if slightly acidic, add a few grams of citric acid, boil, cool and add Malaga or Madeira yeast. Tomato wine matures in a few months.

Black lilac. 2.6 liters of crushed fruit juice to boil to remove the bitterness, add 6.5 I. water and using Burgundy or Bordeaux yeast add 130 — 200 dkg. sugar. Normally no acid and nutrient additions. If you want to cook the whole fruit, you should free them from the stems and on 10 liters of wine to use them 3 — 4 kg.

Melony, pumpkins, 4—8 kg. flood -4-6 I. boiling water. Add Phosphasal, cool, add Rhine yeast. squeeze out after 2 days, add sugar 160-200 dkg., top up with water up to 10 liters.

Slaughter. 3—4 kg. Boil juicy stalks in 2 liters of water from 6 gr. pure chalk. Add 2 liters of water, keep 3 days cool and mix three times a day. Separate the pulp by squeezing it in a bag, then rinse it with hot water. Add 4 gr. secalum media, ½ gr. his land, 10—20 grams of citric acid or a few lemons with finely cut peel. With Rhine yeast 2 kg. sugar, with Sautemes and Lacrima Christi add one more 40 dkg. honey, with Tokaj yeast 3 ½ kg. sugar.

Dried fruits, follow, like with fresh ones, only reduce the amount of fruit used from 1/3 do 1/5 in relation to the amount of fresh fruit used, and it depends on the degree of water content in fresh fruit and the degree of drying of dried fruit.