Wine deacidification

Wine deacidification. During the fermentation of the must before the first collection, and sometimes only during the maturation of the wine, wine deacidifies automatically by 30-40% of its original acidity. Certain bacteria cause this activity, and the easiest way around temperature 15-17% C. We can accelerate the deacidification process by adding 2 gr. calcium carbonate (pure chalk) on 10 liters of wine, adding medium, blurring the wine with sediment, release of air by strong wine confusion. All these methods can be used simultaneously. (You can also try to add ½ — 1½ gr. chemically pure calcium carbonate on 1 liter of wine; however, proceed with caution, so as not to spoil the taste of the wine). If the listed treatments do not help, then you need to add slightly acidic wine or add water and sugar and ferment again.
O ile mamy wino słabo kwaśno i pragniemy go zabezpieczyć na stale przed odkwaszeniem, then we treat it with sulfurous metabisulphate or pasteurization.
You can always make wine, if you use "Vinum" yeast for fermentation and carry out the whole fermentation cleanly and patiently.