Date wine

Recipe for 10 liters.
Dates. They ferment extremely easily and the wine is ready for use in just a few weeks.

½ kg. Boil dates with stones briefly in 2 liters of water, strain through a sieve, rinse 3 liters of hot water (without squeezing). After cooling, add the yeast (Rhine. mozelskie, Italian) i3 gr. phosphosal. Simultaneously boil 2–2.5 kg. sugar with 80 — 50 gr. citric acid in 3 liters of water. After cooling, pour in two parts with a break 3 days to must and make up to 10 liters. Little foam is produced when the dates are fermented.

The best temperature for fermentation is around 24 ° C. and at this temperature the wine is ready for drinking in 4 weeks. The wine should be removed from the sediment at intervals of 2–3 weeks. Date wine is perfect for making champagne.