Currant wine

Recipe for 10 liters.
Currants, they can compete with grapes. This wine clears up easily, it matures hard. Currants contain 0.7-3.5% acid, sugar 2-15%. The amount of acid and sugar should be determined with an acid meter and a sugar meter. Preferably on 1 quart of currant juice add 1½ to 2 liters of water. (A liter of juice is obtained from 1½ kg. currants). Use only ripe berries, desirable without twigs and leaves. Using Bordeaux yeast, Burgundy is recommended to add blueberry juice. On 1 liter of currant juice juice from 10 dkg. blueberries. Sugar 20 do 25 dkg. Malaga by yeast 28 do 35 dkg. on 1 liter of must.

Black currants alone, they give wines too sour, on the other hand, they are perfect as an addition to all wines, giving them a delicious taste and aroma. Paradise apples play a similar role.