Cherry and cherry wine

Cherries produce average wines, with the exception of Queen Hydrangea's crosses 10 liters.

14 Squeeze kg of cherries, for light wines, do not crush the seeds, add 30-60 gr. citric acid (the sweeter the wine, the more).
Add phosphorus. Sugar with Mozel yeast 100 — 200 dkg., Rhine, Bordeaux, Burgundy 160 do 200 dkg.

Cherries. 4 kg. pour the fruit 6 liters of boiling water, add 0.2 gr. his land, phosphosal. The addition of blueberries is recommended 20 — 30%. By yeast. Bordeaux. Burgundy, 140—200 dkgr. sugar. Assmannshausen 120—150, port wine, Malaga, Madeira 220 do 300 dkg. sugar