Blackthorn wine, wild strawberry, malin

Recipe for 10 liters

Tarnina. 4 — 6 kg. well matured (possibly frozen) tarniny, pour six liters of boiling water for three hours, or boil it without pits, then strain the juice, add Burgundy yeast. Bordeaux, port wine, sugar 120 — 300 dkg.

Strawberries. (Strawberries). 10 kg. wild strawberry, squeeze out 4 gr. phosphosal, add 3 liters of water, ferment on Madeira or Tokay yeast. Sugar 2 – 3 kg.

Raspberries. 4 kg. pour raspberries 8 liters of water. after lightly kneading, add wine yeast and sugar. They are the least suitable for making wines because of their too strong aroma.