Bouquet, strength and taste of wine

A bouquet of wine. The wine is made by alcoholic fermentation of the fruit must, carried out by special types of wine yeast, which determine the appropriate bouquet of wine. If we use pure wine yeast for fermentation, e.g.. „Tokay” or "Sauternes”, it is from must obtained from apples, or hawthorn, or any other fruit, we will get a product with the characteristic smell of the wine in question.

Force- wine depends on the type of yeast used and the amount of sugar (only pure wine yeast breeds can produce more alcohol). Because our fruit contains relatively little sugar to make strong wines, and therefore permanent, therefore sugar must be added to the fruit must (only semolina!) remembering, that 1 kg. the sugar will produce 500 gr. alcohol and 500 gr. gas. The weak wine contains approx 8% alcohol, strong at most 16%. A very simple and cheap device for measuring alcohol is the "Vinalcometer.". Within one minute, the alcohol is marked.

The taste of wine depends largely on the amount of acids it contains: wine, lemon, apple, the quantity of which should not exceed (preferably 0.6-0.8%). The mildest flavor is given by the wine with citric acid. Provided the must has a low tannin content, then the addition of tannin improves the taste (maximum ½ gr. on 10 liters).
To strengthen the life force of yeast, it is recommended to add a special nutrient solution. (½ gr. per liter). "Secalum" for the production of grain and blueberry wines and "Fosfosal” przy innych owocach.