Fermentation of sweet solutions

Fermentation of sweet solutions – that is, the conversion of sugar into carbonate and alcohol takes place through the young.

Ripe and tried young people mix with the sugar mash. The temperature of the set aside mash is used: to the temperature of the fermentation room and until fermentation. The colder the place and the shorter the fermentation time, warmer, otherwise it is set aside colder. Experience …

Kwasomierz Ludersdorffa

The Ludersdorff Acidimeter gives us a way to try the young and regulate the acids at will. The apparatus consists of a glass tube, at the top open, at the bottom in a blown bubble, on a lead stand. The tube is divided from bottom to top into 12 degrees.

Trying to mature adolescents, you take anything in a double rag and eat that much, make an instrument bubble …

Youth and fatty

Youth and fatty.

Youth are the plant at the lowest level of education, cellular organism, mushroom (Mtscherlich i inni). They mainly consist of phosphoric hydrochloric acids and nitrogenous substances.

According to Schlossberger, it is located in 100 parts of the young beer:

C 50,05
H 6,52
N 11,84
THE 31,59

The juvenile mushroom is composed of small blisters filled with the juvenile liquid matter. …

Turning flour into sugar

Diastaza transforms flour into sugar. Peroz i Payen, French chemists, discovered and marked the diastase in barley malt. W 1000 pound. there is only barley malt 1 do 2 pound diastasis; 1 a pound of diastasis turns approx 2000 pound. flour into sugar. Experience teaches, that in fresh, green log, when root sprout 2 to 2½ times the length of a grain is, and a pistil …



According to Krocker, it is in the intersection:

in potatoes 19,64% meal
in barley 40,37% „
into force 46,25% „
in wheat 61,13% „
there are approx 70% meal.

They serve potatoes at our place, in relation to other crops, the most flour on one and the same plane, that is why we smoke the spirit almost exclusively from potatoes. Rye medium equipment …