Juices and Wine

the product obtained from the must (raw juice) after extrusion (and possible partial wiping) fruit or vegetables. By using the right technologies, the fruit and vegetable juices are drinkable (pasteurized) or concentrated, high-sweetened fruit and vegetable acidified or fermented acidified.

whole or sliced, peeled or not, fresh fruit, mushrooms or vegetables of one species, pre-treated …

Marinade and tincture

canned vegetables or fruit in vinegar marinade with the addition of spices (cloves, cinnamon, ginger, allspice etc.). Due to the acetic acid content in the brine, m. is divided into: gentle (0,4…0,8%), medium acid (1…3%) and spicy (5…6%). For fruit marinades, add to 25% sugar. Marynaty warzywne mogą być sporządzone bez cukru lub z niewielkim jego

Fruit and vegetable preserves

Fruit and vegetable preserves – foodstuffs resulting from the processing of fresh fruit and vegetables (mechanical, thermal, chemical, biological), aimed at preserving or changing their property (e.g.. taste, the smell, appearance), nutritional value, and also to preserve them. In the household, fruit and vegetable preserves are included: semi-finished products (e.g.. purees, must), products (e.g.. …

Hazelnut wafers

andrutHazelnut nougat. Make caramel out of 40 day of sugar (lightly brown the sugar in the pan), add 20 dag miodu, Cook 3 min. Whip the foam with 3 or 4 proteins, after whipping, move to a large one, tall pot (the mass grows, kipi) and pour a little hot sugar with honey into it. Put the pot on low heat. Stir constantly, aby masa nie przywierała

Marinade of wild pears or hawthorn

Marinade of wild pears or hawthorn. Good, Peel unripe leaflets (leaving the tails), Scald with boiling water and citric acid, strain on a sieve. Prepare the pickle (1 And water, 2 cups of sugar, 1 a glass of 6 percent vinegar, a few cloves, a piece of cinnamon) and boil pears in it; put into jars and pasteurize for approx. 20 min from boiling. If you make a marinade from other pears (nie