By-products of beer production

Malt sprouts
Malt sprouts are a by-product of the malt house. Their number is approx. 4% in relation to the barley dry matter used in the production of malt. They are a very valuable by-product. Due to the high content of protein and amino acids, they are a valuable component of the feed mixture for farm animals. Malt sprouts are also used in the preparation of culture media …

Characteristics of wooden and metal barrels

Oak barrels are not modern packaging and therefore their number is constantly decreasing in favor of metal barrels. The production of new wooden barrels has been discontinued for many years, and severely damaged barrels are not subject to repair and are withdrawn from the market.

Barrels used …

Enzyme preparations used in the brewhouse

Enzyme preparations used in the brewhouse

Enzyme preparations are added to the mash in the brewhouse in the case of processing a larger amount of non-sweetened starchy raw material, e.g.. barley, corn, rice. If over 20% non-malted raw material, then the addition of an enzyme preparation is necessary.

If the mash malt is less loosened, this even at lower than …

Preparations for colloidal stabilization of beer

Preparations for colloidal stabilization of beer

Beer colloidal stabilization preparations are mainly used for the thermal preservation of beer.

Under normal conditions, beer is not resistant to the pasteurization temperature of 60-70 ° C. In pasteurized beer, previously not,stabilized, protein and tanning deposits can quickly precipitate. Stabilization preparations are used to counteract the precipitation of these sediments after beer pasteurization.

Enzyme preparations
For stabilization …

Filter materials

Filter materials – The use of filtering materials is aimed at separating protein-tannin suspensions from beer wort and yeast and protein-tanning suspensions from beer..
Coarse diatomaceous earth is used to filter the wort (particles and perlites, for beer filtration, however: cotton mass, asbestos, diatomaceous earth, siliceous earth and perlites.

Filter mass
Characteristics and quality requirements for cotton mass.

Cotton pulp for filtration …