Home brewing

Making beer.
2—3 kg of malt extract or 3-4 kg of ground barley malt, 20—35 gr. boil the hops in 10 liters of water, then strain through the cloth into a glass vessel or barrel. After cooling, add the propagated and strained special brewer's yeast (commercially available in dry and stable form, similar to wine yeast).

When turbulent fermentation stops, co …

The influence of water quality on beer production

The chemical compounds contained in the water exert a major influence on the shaping of the pH of the production wort, thus, they have a significant influence on the course and result of the mashing process.

The chemically active compounds include the salts which increase the pH of the mash and wort, thus negatively influencing the mashing process, and salts to lower the pH, the operation of which is beneficial in the process …

Yeast culture in one device

Yeast culture in one device.

Heim and Meilgaard suggested a new one, a simple way to grow yeast, which is carried out in only one device. The principle of the new method is this, that you do not adjust the entire amount of the wort, but only a small part of it, which is constantly increased in the high disc stage. Similarly, it is obtained in short …

Yeast propagation by Coblitz method.

Yeast propagation by Coblitz method

For the propagation of yeast by the Coblitz method, tanks made of aluminum sheet are used, of a capacity 30, 60, 120, 300 i 700 dm3, with lids of the same material and a sterilizer with a capacity of 350-400 dm3.

Chilled hop wort is usually introduced into the sterilizer, by completing it to 3/4 capacity. The sterilization is carried out continuously 1,5 hours leading to the coil or …

Preparation of adjustable yeast

Preparation of adjustable yeast

Yeast reproduction in the propagation apparatus. Before proceeding with the reproduction of yeast, propagation devices must be thoroughly washed and washed, disinfected with chemical agents and sterilized with dry steam under pressure 0,5 at.

After 0,5 hours the beer drain cock in the propagation device is closed, followed by an inoculation tube in this way, that there is a rubber tube stretched over it …