Types of glass containers and closures

Bottles for beer and soft drinks are classified according to the standard into 3 types: I KNOW, SA and SB.
The SB bottle is commonly used for beer.
For the production of export beer, bottles of other types are used according to the recipients' orders. These are mainly "Euro" bottles, with nominal capacity 500 cm3 produced according to foreign standards, and type ,,Vichy ”with nominal capacity 335 cm3, with an elongated shape.
All the types of bottles mentioned are suitable for the use of crown closures only.
For soda water, in addition to the bottles, glass siphon bottles are used. They have a capacity 1000 cm3, diameter 110 mm and height without the head 260 mm.
The cylinder wall thickness should not be less than 5 mm and greater than 8 mm. The weight of the cylinder is approx. 1500 g. The pressure resistance should be 15 at in time 10-15 seconds.
The basic element of crown closures is a crown cap made of steel sheet, double side electrolytically tinned.
Complete closures consist of a metal cap, inside which there is a spacer made of plastic or ground natural cork, or full cork (solid). Spacers made of ground or solid cork may have a stick of aluminum foil glued to it. Closures of this type are used in the production of export beer.
Caps can also be made of painted sheet metal, the so-called. lithograph. They are mainly used for export and specialty beer.
The quality of the crown closures is very important for the efficiency of the line of bottling devices for beer and non-alcoholic beverages.
Any contamination in a batch of closures and deviations from the requirements of the standard result in interruptions in the operation of the capping machine and the entire production line.