Preparation of barley for the production of beer

Preparation of barley for production
The purpose of pre-cleaning the barley is to rid it of the main amount of weed seeds and other light contaminants, with. some of which may be harmful to health.
Removal of these impurities is necessary for this reason, that they contain more moisture than barley, and they can “constitute the germs of "molding of barley during storage and local raising of the temperature of the yen.".
Basic cleaning is to remove heavier steel contaminants, the so-called. ferromagnetic and round grains of other plants.
The sorting of the barley is necessary to ensure that the grains are evenly moistened during the soaking and sprouting process, which is important for the quality of the malt and malting efficiency.
Barley delivered to the malt house is unloaded into a special hopper, usually located below the level 0 (below ground level). Barley is usually fed from the hopper with a bucket elevator to a dressing plant, from where it is then sent to the warehouse or to the primary cleaning equipment, if the batch of raw material is intended to be used directly for the production of malt.

Dryer barley can also fall by gravity through the magnetic apparatus into the trieur, and from there to the sorter and in turn to the sorted barley bunkers.