Interpretation of the results of water analysis

Interpretation of the results of water analysis.

The following main elements are taken into account when interpreting the results of the process water analysis:

a) fazę procesu technologicznego, in which the water is to be used, e.g.. for soaking barley, for mashing malt in the brewhouse, for yeast care,

b) wpływ poszczególnych składników wody na dany proces technologiczny,

c) product range, e.g.. light or dark beer,

d) process water assessment criteria.

The interpretation of the results of the water analysis should lead to the recognition conclusions, or water, e.g.. from a new source of well water or surface water is suitable for production; most often water for technological purposes is suitable after treatment (after adjusting its composition).

There are frequent cases, that the alkalizing effect of carbonates can be reduced or eliminated by the addition of lactic acid or calcium sulfate (brewing plaster) for mash.