Yeast propagation by Coblitz method.

Yeast propagation by Coblitz method

For the propagation of yeast by the Coblitz method, tanks made of aluminum sheet are used, of a capacity 30, 60, 120, 300 i 700 dm3, with lids of the same material and a sterilizer with a capacity of 350-400 dm3.

Chilled hop wort is usually introduced into the sterilizer, by completing it to 3/4 capacity. The sterilization is carried out continuously 1,5 hours by feeding pressurized saturated steam to the coil or heating mantle 2 at.

The yeast cultivation process is carried out by successive multiplication, transferring the contents of a smaller to a larger tank.

Multiplication begins in the smallest vessel adding to 10 l sterilized wort 2 dm3 of wort fermented in the laboratory. The cultivation is carried out maintaining the room temperature at 8-10 ° C.

Having approx. 250 dm3 of fermenting wort, the further multiplication process takes place in a small fermentation vat with a capacity of 30 hl. You can add to this ladle ;e.g.. 10 hl of production wort and introduce into it the wort fermenting in the stage of high discs from the Coblitz device.

After the next stage of tall discs has been obtained, the vat contents are made up with a fresh batch of production wort.

It is important for the cultivation of yeast by the method of successive propagation, is to follow the rule, that the temperature of the fresh production wort is never lower, than the temperature of the fermenting wort.