Yeast culture in one device

Yeast culture in one device.

Heim and Meilgaard suggested a new one, a simple way to grow yeast, which is carried out in only one device. The principle of the new method is this, that you do not adjust the entire amount of the wort, but only a small part of it, which is constantly increased in the high disc stage. Likewise, the required amount of yeast is obtained in a short time, and the possibility of infection is greatly reduced. This tank has a cylindrical shape with a commissioning end, is adjusted in size to the needs of a given brewery.

Yeast propagation by this method is carried out as follows: to the tank, for example,. 5-10 dm3 of wort with yeast brought out in the laboratory at a temperature of 20 ° C. Po 20 hours is achieved, high disc stage and added then 40-50 dm3 of sterilized wort or collected directly after the plate heat exchanger. After one day of fermentation at 20 ° C, the yeast is so strongly developed, that you can add approx. 3 hl of wort at 14 ° C. After more 1-2 days are added with the broth at 7-8 ° C and after 1-2 On days at the tall disk stage, the contents of the vessel are transferred to a small capacity fermentor 30-60 hl brzeczki.