Technological and economic effects resulting from the use of extracts and other hop preparations

The use of ordinary and isomerized hop extracts is of great technological importance resulting mainly from this, that the bitter acids are protected against oxidation, that is, unfavorable changes and losses.

The bitter substances contained in concentrates and other hop preparations are more protected against oxidation than in the case of ballot sulfurized hops.

Wymienione preparaty są łatwiejsze w stosowaniu pozwalają ma uzyskiwanie piwa i zawiorająecgo zawsze podobną ilość izozwiązków, which shape a noble bitterness of a similar intensity.

The basic economic element resulting from the use of ordinary extracts, isomerized, of concentrates and other hop preparations is a better use of bitter substances.

When using hops in the form of cones, the degree of use of bitter compounds is only 30%. Hops extracts usually make it possible to increase the use of these compounds to 50-60%, and isomerized extracts up to 80%.

Concentrates and other dry hop preparations also increase the use of bitter substances by 10-20%. An additional benefit of using extracts and concentrates lies in this, that they require less refrigerated storage space, which reduces the cost of storage.

Hop extracts, can be stored for several years without changing the content of α-acids and iso-α-acids, which is also an important economic element. During the hop harvest period, it is possible to create stocks in the form of extracts and prevent hops from aging and significantly reducing their technological usefulness..