Home brewing

Making beer.
2—3 kg of malt extract or 3-4 kg of ground barley malt, 20—35 gr. boil the hops in 10 liters of water, then strain through the cloth into a glass vessel or barrel. After cooling, add the propagated and strained special brewer's yeast (commercially available in dry and stable form, similar to wine yeast).

When turbulent fermentation stops, which at room temperature occurs within 3 — 5 days, and at a temperature below 10 ° C. after 6-8 days (better temperature lower) we take the beer into bottles with a lever. Stopper the bottles tightly, keep cool, and consume the beer within 8 or 5 days. You can also pull the beer into the barrel, which makes a lot of effort, but the beer should be consumed directly, i.e.. without pouring into bottles, otherwise it will lose more of its carbonic acid (gas).

Honey beer. 1—2 kg. honey, water, hops as above, 5—10 gr. citric acid. If the beer is made without hops, this should be added 5 grams of "Secalum".

Home-made beer is sometimes cloudy, but extremely tasty and eminently healthy, because it contains large amounts of vitamins, substances necessary for health.