Chemical characteristics of hop preparations

Chemical characteristics of hop preparations

Hops extracts have different bitterness values ​​and, depending on the content of bitter substances, they replace hops in proportion to 1:4,, 1:6 or even higher Domestic hop extract replaces hops in proportion 1:6.

Isomerized extracts are characterized by a significant amount of iso-α-acids, which makes it possible to introduce such preparations directly into young beer, be to beer before filtration.

The Australian Carlton preparation is known, containing approx. 29%o iso-α-bitter acids and other isomerization products as well as those resulting from the oxidation and reduction of bitter substances. This preparation also contains a small amount of α-acids and β-bitter acids.

Another Isopal isomerized extract is the purest commercial preparation. It contains approx. 20% iso α-acids and approx. 1,15% bitter products.
Concentrated hops contain all the valuable hop ingredients. The chemical composition of hop powder is similar to hops in the form of cones.

Lupulin powder contains 16-28% α-acids, while pure lupulin has 30% these relationships.